SWGfL awards 300th Online Safety Mark

3 October 2017

Trafalgar Infant School in Richmond on Thames has become the 300th school to receive SWGfL’s Online Safety Mark accreditation.

The accreditation is available to schools that use 360 degree safe – SWGfL’s free online safety self-review tool. The tool, which has more than 11,000 registered schools is intended to help them review their online safety policy and practices.

The Online Safety Mark is awarded to certain schools in recognition for their commitment to developing online safety, as evidenced by their use of 360 degree safe.

Jane Burton, Online Safety Lead at Trafalgar Infant School said:

“360 degree safe has helped enable us to deliver a clear, common sense approach to online safety encompassing all areas of school life. It has also helped us to provide a safe online environment for our staff, families and children, creating confident, safe and resilient users.”

Ron Richards, Online Safety Consultant for SWGfL said:

It was a pleasure to visit the school and to celebrate the very successful journey that it has embarked on to gain the award.

"The school has a very grounded and common sense approach to its online safety provision. It sets expectations and then places trust in the users to carry out the rules in place. This will allow the school to continue to develop its provision in future with the ongoing support of all groups of stakeholders.”

Attached photo: Digital Leaders with the Headteacher, Lynne Thomson and the Online Safety Lead, Jane Burton.

This article was originally publish in the SWGfL Magazine

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