Updates to 360 Degree Safe – January 2018

29 January 2018

Over the last 6 months we have been reviewing the 360 degree safe Scotland content and have updated the policy templates.

We have made changes to many 360 aspects and these are now online. Listed below are some of those with the most significant changes:

  • Throughout the tool the term e-safety has been amended to online safety in line with more recent terminology
  • There is now a descriptor for each aspect which will help schools understand the meaning and intention of the aspect
  • Acceptable use – to emphasise developing a culture and knowledge of acceptable use, rather than just having signed pieces of paper.
  • Social Media – mainly to reflect changes in the technologies and their use and to emphasise the need for care in the use of SM (particularly staff use) / the need for schools to educate young people in safe and responsible use / the use of SM by the school itself
  • Mobile Technologies – the tool section and the associated Template Policy have been updated in light of the ongoing changes in the use of mobile technologies both in and out of school and the use of school owned technology / BYOD.
  • Data Protection – change of title from Personal Data – an increasingly important area, particularly with the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) coming into effect from May 2018

We would recommend that schools revisit the 360 tool and conduct their review again to ensure that they continue to meet suitable standards of online safety provision – as evidenced through their 360 review.

Template Policies

In addition all Template Policies have been updated, and there are new policies for Social Media and Mobile Technologies. These can be found in the overview section and in the links section of the Policy Development aspect..

Information for schools that have applied for (or are about to apply for) the Online Safety Mark

We do not expect schools that have already applied for the Online Safety Mark, or those who apply until the May half term to necessarily meet the new wording of the benchmark levels – we feel that would be unfair. However, we would recommend schools to look again at their reviews. Schools applying for the Online Safety Mark from April 2018 will be expected to meet the new criteria.

If you have any concerns or would  like further information please contact us at: 360safe@swgfl.org.uk

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