Quick Start Guide: How to use 360 degree safe

The 360 degree safe tool allows you to rate your school against a number of different online safety criteria. It is structured in elements, strands and aspects. These levels can be accessed by clicking on the title or the bar and ‘drilling-down’ to aspect level where a rating can be given from 5 to 1, whereby 1 represents the highest level of achievement.


The Elements provide the highest level in the structure, defining the four main categories in which the review is carried out. Each Element provides the starting point for the review.

To carry out the review of each of the Strands in the Element click on the blue Element title or on the bar that indicates your current rating.


Each Element is divided into a number of sub categories or Strands. There are 11 Strands in total. In each of the Strands the review is carried out within a range of Aspects.

The average level for a Strand is determined by the ratings given to each Aspect in the Strand. Click on the blue Strand title or on the bar to rate an Aspect.


The tabs at the top of the page allow you to select the Aspect that you wish to review. Within each Aspect you will find five level statements.

To rate that Aspect click on the button to the left of the level which is most appropriate to your establishment. The benchmark level for the Online Safety Mark is indicated alongside the relevant level statement.