Show your progress with 360 degree safe accreditation  

As you progress through the 360 degree safe self review tool, certificates and awards can be achieved to indicate your progress. Below is a description of the certificates and awards that are available and how they can be achieved.

Committed to safety onlineCertificate of Commitment

Schools can make a commitment to engage with the 360 degree safe self review tool as a means of reviewing practice and implementing actions that will improve online safety at the school.

Once registered to take part in the 360 degree safe process, the school will be able to download the Commitment to Online Safety Certificate.

The certificate does not suggest that a school is “Online Safe”. It simply states that you have made a commitment to review your practice through use of the online tool.

Progression to Safety OnlineCertificate of Progress

Schools can receive recognition for their commitment to developing Online Safety, as evidenced by their use of the 360 degree safe self review tool.

To receive the Online Safety Certificate of Progress, the school will need to have completed at least two of the four elements of 360 degree safe.

The Certificate of Progress does not suggest that a school is “Online Safe”. It simply states that the school has, itself, reported that it has reached at least a basic level of online safety policy and practice.

Online Safety MarkOnline Safety Mark

Schools that are able to show good practice in their Online Safety policy and procedures can apply for the Online Safety Mark.

To apply for the award, the school must meet the benchmark level for every aspect in the tool and, in their review,  add a commentary for every aspect. That commentary must describe the provision for each aspect and how it meets the benchmark level statement. When this is complete the school should make an online application to SWGfL . 

Following the application, the Assessor will check the completed 360 degree safe self review tool to ensure that the school appears (through the commentary for each aspect) to have met the benchmark levels and is ready for an Assessor to visit. The school is then visited by an Assessor for a half day visit and is informed at the end of the visit if they have been successful.